Is Dr Hauschka cruelty free?
Written by garstang-natural on July 27, 2022

Is Dr Hauschka cruelty free?

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The very heart and soul of all Dr Hauschka UK products is that they are cruelty free, ethical and effective. 

Dr Hauschka never tests the component ingredients of any of their products on animals. In addition it does not test finished products made up of ingredients, many of which are grown on their own farm in Germany, on animals. 

They do not sell their products to any suppliers or third parties who use animal testing and significantly they will also not sell their products into countries that allow animal testing to take place. 

The brand Dr Hauschka also has PETA certification, an international organisation whose full name is People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals. They lobby and campaign across the global to eradicate animal testing and by extension animal cruelty from science. 

From the very beginning the classic Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and all other Dr Hauschka products have foregone all testing on animals. 

Animal testing has been banned in Europe since 2013 but in some places it is still a legal requirement to have cosmetics tested on animals before they can be used and sold to humans. This is the case with China. 

is dr hauschka cruelty free
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Whilst the initial idea behind animal testing was to prevent harm to people it became quite clear that it was an ineffective method of evaluating a product for human use. 

The simple fact is that animals may react in completely different ways to humans, therefore, we get no real understanding of how a product may work, or not, in a person. 

Not only is it the case that an animal may react very differently to a human but In addition, different species of animals can also react in totally different ways to the same chemical compound meaning the results cannot be relied upon. Therefore, if a rabbit reacts differently to a cosmetic test than a dog what are we actually learning that can be applied to use in humans. And the simple answer to this is that, sadly, for all the suffering that is caused we learn next to nothing that is useful. 

I do wonder why on earth anyone thought testing on animals, when there are so many inconsistencies and unreliability with the results, was a good idea. 

Sadly humans have inflicted enormous pain and suffering on countless animals in a futile search for ‘safe’ products. It really is an odd, dysfunctional way of thinking that in a bid to save humans we must maim, abuse and cause suffering in other animals. 

My wife uses Dr Hauschka products and her daily routine uses Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream and she would be mortified at the thought it had been made for her by harming other sentient animals. 

Whilst it is now good to see many more cosmetic brands becoming cruelty free it has to be said that Dr Hauschka has been a beacon of common sense and kindness since 1967. 

When the founders of Dr Hauschka began looking for ethical, cruelty free plant based products they actually went back to ancient books to look at common knowledge from another time. 

It is a simple fact that we have lost much wise, tried and tested folk knowledge in the realms of good health and nature. Of course, this loss has been deliberately encouraged by those who stand to make vast profits from us becoming dependent upon pharmaceutical products and artificial compounds. Compounds that actually, ironically, often mimic natural plant extracts but without the subtlety and synergy that nature provides for us.  

Therefore, the founders looked back to books from medieval sources that had valuable information in them that helped them, this ancient knowledge was used to safely create modern products. 

The advantage with this approach is that these old remedies and ideas had already been tried and tested. Whilst the new products created had to be tested they were doing so on the shoulders of already well trodden paths and methods from, quite often, hundreds of years ago! 

Because the good folks at Dr Hauschka use cutting edge science combined with tried and tested ancient wisdom they have blended the best of both worlds to create products that are works of art as well as being effective.  

H2 - Is Dr Hauschka Cruelty Free

In a nutshell, products like the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream UK are completely cruelty free. 

In fact the whole Dr. Hauschka UK range is cruelty free, ethically sourced and not only works in harmony with nature but also with your body. 

Article written by garstang-natural

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