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Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance causes serious health problems from the awful diabetic issues to heart attacks and more.

My wife and I had our lovely neighbour over for dinner recently and she explained how she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a while ago and that whilst she had conquered it by changing her eating habits she was completely confused about what she can or cannot eat.

I’m not surprised about this when one can see the often absurd and contradictory advice thrown around by the media, apparent nutrition experts. However, sadly there is a lack of real substance coming from our health service.

If a Type 2 diabetic has consulted their doctor, speaks to their nurse, consults the NHS nutritionist and is still confused it tells me the message is not being delivered effectively.

We are being deliberately confused.

There is a cynical aspect to this. This may not be coming from our medics but certainly emanates from huge food processing businesses and their supply chains. It is all designed to leave us confused and vulnerable. And eating food that is quite simply poisonous.

We need to be metabolically flexible.

When we have diabetes our body loses its ability to be metabolically flexible. It cannot cope any longer with carbohydrates, particularly the refined ones in processed foods.

This causes the spike in blood sugars (sugar IS a refined carbohydrate) which is dangerous to our health when we eat such foods.

Accordingly your body uses insulin to mop up excessive sugars. If we are eating foods that cause this excess our body eventually stops responding to the insulin. This is known as insulin resistance. Diabetes is the result.

Insulin resistance is the silent killer not fat.

Insulin resistance is the real trouble maker for your body. It is the cause of the plaques that narrow your arteries. The plaques may be made from cholesterol BUT it is not the cholesterol that caused the plaque. It was insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance damages your heart tissues.

Given that insulin responds to excessive blood sugars from eating refined carbohydrates can you now see how the idea that fat causes heart disease is simply wrong?

Fat and protein do not cause an insulin spike in your blood.

Insulin does not respond to fat or protein. Therefore, they do not cause insulin resistance.

If you find it difficult to keep your blood sugars in check I strongly recommend you take chromium as a supplement. It is vital for all of us but because of our depleted soils most of us are deficient in it. Chromium is really useful for helping our body regulate its sugar metabolism.

chromium from pharma nord
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Having said that, I am sorry to say that eating too many biscuits, cereals, crisps, cakes, bread, pasta and crackers is the real problem.

It is difficult to overeat protein and fat.

It is very difficult to over-eat protein or fat. But if you add fat to a carbohydrate it becomes highly addictive. I won’t bore you with the biochemistry, however, there are masses of carb and fat combinations on supermarket shelves that are designed to be addictive. Food manufacturers actually put people in labs where they feed them different variations of fat and carb in the form of a ‘food’ such as a donut to see which one makes people want to eat more of it.

They look for the sweet spot that makes you want to eat more of this horrific food! They are looking for addictive behaviours and are using science to find this.

Have you ever sat and worked your way through a packet of biscuits/chocolates/crisps. Well it was the power of science that drove you to eat them all without realising. It creates an overweight and chronically sick population. Do we have that now? You bet.

The diet to defeat insulin resistance

So here is a simplified guide of what to eat and enjoy that is, I hope, clear.


All forms of meat in order of preference:

Ruminants: Grass fed beef, lamb, venison, mutton

Wild game of any kind.

Organic free range chicken/duck/pork

Regular forms of all the above that are non organic.

Fish and seafood.

You can eat farmed fish once a week maximum.

Organic free range eggs freely in all forms.

Consume dairy, always full fat in all its forms – butter, yoghurt, cream, cheese. Preferably raw and unpasteurised/un homogenised.

Eat butter preferably from organic grass fed cattle –otherwise Anchor/Kerry gold are good non organic options and are readily available.

Cook with ghee, olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

You can live a healthy life without eating any carbohydrates. However, if you wish to eat them then only consume CARBOHYDRATES from:

Eating local, seasonal, vegetables.

Have small amounts of nuts and seeds

A handful of seasonal fruit.

A teaspoon of raw honey occasionally.

Always add a fat to your vegetables eg, olive oil as a salad dressing or butter to steamed veg.

REMEMBER – fat does not make you fat. Good fats listed above eaten freely DO NOT cause heart disease.

Article written by nicktof

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