Are Dr Hauschka Products Good
Written by garstang-natural on July 27, 2022

Are Dr Hauschka Products Good

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  4. Are Dr Hauschka Products Safe

 There is a lazy view that natural and organic cosmetic products will not be as good as standard cosmetic products.  

 Dr Hauschka products definitely prove this to be wrong. 

 People have a tendency to think that natural, organic makeup won’t last as long, it won’t be as varied and will be much more expensive. Or that the soaps don’t lather up well or the perfume fades quicker or even that the deodorant will not work. 

 It is something of a myth and natural and organic products like those created by Dr Hauschka have come a long way since they first appeared. Many of them now compete with all the most well established brands in terms of their performance whilst winning in the ethical stakes. 

are dr hauschka products good
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 Now there is no doubt you can buy a cheap shower gel for pennies these days and you will feel clean after you have used it. In fact, supermarkets often incentivise people to buy one get one free offers on such cheap body care items. 

 The problem we have is that whilst the cheap shower gel may well get you clean there are serious questions to be asked about what you are putting on your skin. Sadly there are endless bizarre chemicals and toxic compounds that are dangerous from their cancer causing abilities to hormone and fertility disrupting issues. 

 I don’t know about you but when I put something on my skin I want it to be effective and above all, safe. 

 It is worth bearing in mind that whilst your skin is your first line of defence for your immune system, by preventing viruses and bacteria from entering your body, it does absorb chemicals from our environment. So when you use a shower gel with hormone disrupting chemicals in it, I guarantee some of that is going into your bloodstream.  

 Detergents are used frequently in modern shampoos and shower gels amongst other things. Do you think the human body is designed to need detergent in its bloodstream? The simple answer is that, no, it is not. 

 Aiming for the lowest price in everything all the time leads to trouble down the line. A skin care product that in the short term is cheap but in the long run may contribute to you getting skin cancer….is that really how we want to approach life? 

Rose Day Cream Dr Hauschka

rose day cream dr hauschka

 Of course, the cheap cosmetic products have passed various safety tests because they only contain small amounts of the problem chemicals. But then most of the food in a supermarket provides little nutrition, poor quality fats, salts and sugars yet is deemed safe to eat because the guidelines for safety are so narrow and set by panels of safety experts who may well be bought and paid for by the food processing companies. 

 It is the same with mobile phone radiation, whilst there are genuine concerns about the carcinogenic qualities (never mind the damage they may be causing to insect life) it is deemed safe because exposure is so tiny for each use. 

 So we end up exposed to little bits of poisons in our cosmetics, our food, our phones and the list goes on. Each exposure is deemed safe because it is so tiny but when you add everything together over a number of years, guess what you get? An epidemic of cancer and chronic diseases. 

 So here at Garstang Health Food Store we are doing our bit by allowing you to remove toxin exposure via your food, supplements and body products and this is where we are happy to champion the fact that products like Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream (my wife’s favourite) are really good, wonderfully effective and safe. 

 Fortunately the good folks at Dr Hauschka have consistently proven how good their products are through the years with a string of awards.

Why are Dr Hauschka Products Good?

If you are wondering are Dr Hauschka products good, take a look at just a few of the awards they have gained listed below: 

UK 2022, Hip and Healthy Beauty Awards. Dr. Hauschka was named winner of the 'Best Natural Beauty Brand' category. 

UK 2022, Hip and Healthy Wellness Awards, Dr. Hauschka's Rose Deodorant was named winner of the 'Best Natural Deodorant' category. 

UK 2021, Get The Gloss Beauty and Wellness Awards, 30 experts handpicked Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream for a bronze in the 'Classic Hero' category. 

UK 2021, Get The Gloss Beauty and Wellness Awards, Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronzing Tint was a finalist in the 'Best Base' category. 

UK 2021 Marie Claire Skin Awards This award celebrates brands that are ethical and sustainable. Dr. Hauschka's Revitalising Day Lotion was named winner in the 'Best Moisturiser for Dry Skin' category. 

The awards list is long and goes back many years. Dr Hauschka UK is a brand that consistently performs and I can confidently say that not only are Dr Hauschka products good, they are brilliant! 

Using Dr Hauschka too many times within the blogs and it could be keyword stuffing 

Article written by garstang-natural

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