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Reputable Dr Hauschka Stockist

Garstang Natural Health has been a stockist of award winning Dr Haushcka products for almost two decades.  

If you are looking for an ethical, natural body care and cosmetic range then Dr Hauschka is second to none. Not only are their products safe and effective but they also have an excellent price point providing value for money with a clean conscience. 

We are proud to offer this outstanding Dr Hauschka range and are confident you will be delighted with their products. 


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At Garstang Health Food Store we have expert staff on hand to advise you and a Dr Hauschka trained aesthetician in-house. If you require any support in choosing the right Dr Hauschka product for you please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Please feel free to call us on 01995 602833 and one of our staff members will be able to point you in the right direction to get the Dr Hauschka product that will suit your skin and your needs.

Dr Hauschka UK

Dr Hauschka products have established a superb reputation for high-quality body and face care products since 1967 when they first launched. They are backed by an ethos of harmony with nature and the earth. Need a guilt-free, eco-friendly cosmetic that actually works? Then look no further. 

Used and loved by our customers and by ourselves the Dr Hauschka range offers the ultimate in natural body care and cosmetics without compromise. My wife loves the Melissa Day Cream whilst we have returning customers who delight in the wide variety of products on offer from Rose Day Cream to the revitalising day lotion set there really is something for everyone. 

Who is Dr Hauschka 

Dr Rudolf Hauschka had been considering a skincare range to complement the medicines made by WALA who he worked for. He met Elisabeth Sigmund who used WALA preparations in her own skincare range and they began to collaborate to create the Dr Haushcka range at a time when organic ideas and eco-friendly products were deemed to be very niche and almost unheard of. 

Does Dr Hauschka Work 

The fact that products like the iconic Rose Day Cream have won countless awards tells you all you need to know about how good the Dr Hauschka range of products are. They are effective and safe. The wide range of body care products are wonderfully effective and you will see and feel the difference. The cosmetic range holds its own against any standard cosmetic range but comes without nasty chemicals or ethically dubious methods of production and testing. 

Where is Dr Hauschka From 

Dr Hauschka products are manufactured in Germany under the wing of their parent company WALA. They have been based around the villages of Bad Boll and Eckwalden in southern Germany since 1950. 

Is Dr Hauschka Really Organic 

Yes, all Dr Hauschka products are organically certified and most of the plant extracts used in the range are grown on their own farms. Both organic and balanced to be in harmony with mother nature and your body. 

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