Are Dr Hauschka products safe?
Written by garstang-natural on July 27, 2022

Are Dr Hauschka products safe?

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Before we examine the beautiful quality, ethos and standards of Dr Hauschka products it is worth looking at standard cosmetics so we have a comparison to make. 

There are all manner of bizarre chemical compounds in modern cosmetic products that, quite frankly, should not be there. Some things to look out for are the following: 

Dioxane which is in liquid soaps, children’s bubble bath and some shampoos. It is highly toxic and a known cause of cancer. It is estimated it is in approximately 22% of all cosmetics. However, you will not see it listed on the ingredients. It forms when a combination of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), PEG compounds and chemicals with xynol, oleth, or ceteareth in their name are mixed together. 

Another common toxin is Benzophenone. It is a hormone disruptor and can contribute to fertility issues as well as other hormone problems. Please avoid any cosmetic that has Benzone in the ingredients list. 

Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone are highly toxic chemicals that disrupt our nervous system. They are allowed to be used in cosmetics but in Europe they are restricted to no more than 0.01% in any product. I would strongly advise you to stay away from them completely. 

PABA is used in sun screens though it is now banned in Europe it is still allowed to be used in the USA and is a thyroid gland disruptor. Avoid it at all costs.  

Mercury is used in skin lightening products in East Asia, Africa and India. It is highly toxic and can contribute to many health issues from dementia to autoimmune diseases. It is a poison, plain and simple. 

There is a long and sorry list of poisons of one kind or another being put in our standard cosmetic products. I would suggest you avoid basically all cosmetics from supermarkets and large stores with the popular brands. Many of them will contain highly toxic chemicals that cause more problems for you. 

The safest place to source safe cosmetics today is at your local independent health food store where they will have spent time ensuring what they sell is safe. 

This brings us to the simple question, are Dr Hauschka products safe? And the simple answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!” but perhaps looking at why they are safe will help us understand more about the care and quality of their products. 

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The classic Rose Day Cream has become the signature for Dr Hauschka products and was introduced in 1967. For over 50 years it has been tried and tested and proven safe but so much work went into creating it before it hit the shop shelves. 

The starting point in the life of a Dr Hauschka product begins with an idea. This is usually inspired by the needs of the customers who use Dr Hauschka. 

The next step is to work out what plant or plant extracts will be used and a source for them has to be found. Quite often this will be a plant that is grown on their own farm but of course the plant has to be grown and harvested at the right time. 

This process can take some time and once the first plant extracts have been sourced and harvested ready for use a whole series of tests must take place to ensure that the extracts are effective and safe. This can involve lab work and Dr Hauschka aestheticians testing on themselves. 

When this first series of tests has taken place it can still take another year to allow the full crop of plants to be grown and harvested for use.  

It may take the Dr Hauschka team two or three years just to ensure they have the right plant materials that are safe, ethical and organic as well as being effective. 

Then it can take another two to three years to actually develop the product to the right standards that have ethics, effectiveness and safety at their heart. 

Whilst the Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream has become a standard for the brand my wife would have to confess that she loves the Melissa Day Cream more but then it better suits her skin type. The great thing with Dr Hauschka is that there is a product out there for everyone. 

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And because of their ethos and high standards it is very safe to assert that Dr Hauschka products are safe. 

Having been tested on staff and users of the Dr Hauschka range we can also say that they are cruelty free. There is no animal testing involved and everyone who participates in their testing process does so voluntarily. 

There has always been a misconception that because a product is organic and cruelty free it may not be as effective as the standard brands available at department stores and cosmetic counters across the land. Without a doubt I can say that Dr Hauschka stands up in its quality and effectiveness to any other brand. 

In addition, it also stands the test of price, being of higher quality but still being competitive on the price. 

To conclude, Dr Hauschka products are safe and work brilliant. What are you waiting for? Try it! 

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Article written by garstang-natural

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