PEMF Therapy (Pulse Electromagnetic Field)

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PEMF therapy is a natural, drug free complementary therapy that may help many conditions, such as:


Pain relief

Improved mental clarity

Nerve regeneration

Faster and better healing

Increased energy levels

Improved cell health

Reduced inflammation


How does it work?

A PEMF device sends bursts of low-level electromagnetic pulses into the organs, bones, tissues, and cells of the body. These pulses stimulate cell activity and growth which encourage fast and natural healing.

Everything in nature generates an electromagnetic field, including the cells in the human body. This means that every organ in your body produces its own electromagnetic field as well. This field is strengthened by the fact that your cells communicate using electromagnetic pulses. It's this energy field that PEMF devices stimulate and influence.

Performed By
Jeannette Corry

PEMF Therapy


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