Supplements for your immune system during the winter.
Written by garstang-natural on September 20, 2022

Supplements for your immune system during the winter.

We are now charging headlong towards winter and the insanity of our fuel bills. I for one am not taking this end result of obscene greed lying down but I will not start telling you what I am up to (unless you pop into my clinic where I will happily tell you) save to say it is nothing illegal. All I would ask is that each and every one of you stand up against this madness in your own ways. Together, as a community, we can make remarkable changes but only if we all come together to act.

Winter brings its own challenges to our body and there is much we can do to provide strong armour against ill health, much like the above, we can be proactive to have the best chance of a vibrant, healthy winter season.

Firstly, move your body every day and get fresh air, yes even damp, windy, wet fresh air every day. Autumn and Winter bring their own unique beauty to our land, so go outside and take a look and take pleasure in it. Just taking pleasure in nature will boost your immune system, regardless of the weather.

Right now it seems we are being conditioned to be afraid of the weather – stay inside it it’s too wet, too windy, too sunny, keep your children inside on a hot day. I saw a weatherman saying thousands of us were going to die in the couple of rather warm days and nights we had recently. I find all of this rather bizarre. Now on any day that is a ‘too much weather’ kind of day it is noticeably quieter than ever on the High street in Garstang, It’s almost like we are allowing ourselves to be locked down by the weather, which does not help anyone have good health.

However, there are a whole host of effective immune supplements for you to try as well as foods that are important.

All the foods that contain Vitamin C are useful such as kiwi fruit and citrus fruits. But be careful with fruit, no more than two a day please to ensure you are not taking in too much sugar. A most neglected source of health bringing foods is liver, kidney and offal in general. Whilst I appreciate that is not to everyone’s taste (it used to be) and vegetarians et al may turn away, there is no more potent source of goodness. One helping of liver a week provides most of the vital nutrients your body needs for the week.Pharmanord Vitamin D 5000iu

The perennial favourite is Vogel’s echinacea which comes as drops, tablets and even a brilliant sore throat spray. It is in such high demand that we have to pre order months ahead of winter arriving.

Vitamin D is vital at this time of year and we should all take it. Multivitamins tend to only have 400iu of Vitamin D in them but I would say taking anywhere between 1000iu and 5000iu daily is sensible. Pharma Nord do superb pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D though there are many other good quality ones too.

Taking a good probiotic is also useful, this aids your gut health and if that is doing well then so is your immune system. To be clear, your gut is the most important centre for all your good health, including your mental wellbeing.

We must not neglect the powerhouse that is CBD. This is the great balancer of your body and most definitely has a very positive influence on your health. CBD One provide the finest CBD on the planet made by specialist hemp seed farmers, nobody else makes it this way. Go have a look at their website.

Prepare for winter and be proactive in your health habits, we are not sitting ducks waiting to become ill.

Article written by garstang-natural

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