Supplements for high cholesterol
Written by garstang-natural on October 14, 2022

Supplements for high cholesterol

The cholesterol question

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Been told they are too high by your doctor? Perhaps even taking a statin?

If so you are probably avoiding fat, butter, animal fats, cream and full fat milk which is what the mainstream advice keeps telling us. You may even feel bad when you eat such foods and fret about your ticker exploding!

tackling a cholesterol problem to help your heart
Our precious heart

Many of us take a processed weird spread that alludes to being made with olive oil when there is barely any in it, or even a cholesterol reducing spread.

In my experience there is precious little food that improves with adding artificial ingredients or that tries to mimic real food.

If any of the above seems familiar I would direct you to the work of eminent cardiologist Aseem Malhotra and the quite brilliant Ivor Cummins. All the above is quite simply illogical nonsense that does not reflect how your body works or how it goes wrong.

We have growing evidence that the real problem rests with insulin resistance. This is the inability of your body to respond to increases in blood sugar caused by eating too many processed carbohydrates. This is often linked to fatty liver disease which is caused by too many breads, pastas, cereals and sugars all of which are carbohydrates. Aside from sugar all the other foods have been pushed at us as low fat and high fibre when in reality our body converts such foods into fat. Yes fat free foods like shredded wheat can actually make you fat, even with that hopeless fat free white liquid known as skimmed milk soaking it

We also understand now that those who have high cholesterol are super sensitive to carbohydrates so if you have been told you have high cholesterol you do not take a statin, you stop eating processed carbs.

Of course that choice requires you taking charge of your own health, do you want to do that? Or do you prefer to allow the vast pharma empire to make money from you with precious little evidence the drug they give you does any good at all, in fact, we know these drugs cause great harm in some people and I have seen this in my osteopathic practice.

 There are some very important vitamins and minerals that can also help you. 70-80% of people are deficient in magnesium. Try the amazing nano magnesium which is rapidly absorbed into your body where much magnesium is not.

If you do not eat much fat you need to take vitamin K2. This is not expensive but is very important. It helps prevent varicose veins, may even reverse the aging process, helps regulate blood sugars, has a role in fertility and can even prevent kidney stones!

Please make sure you get sun exposure although this time of year that will not generate vitamin D so a supplement of it is important now. There are a number of high quality Vitamin D supplements. PharmaNord is excellent but there are plenty of others.

If you are on a statin and too worried to come off it because of the powerful message your GP has given you then please take a Co-enzyme Q10 supplement because this is vital for cardiovascular health, your immune system and energy production but statins deplete it from your body.

Article written by garstang-natural

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