Best natural remedy for a joint injury
Written by garstang-natural on January 22, 2023

Best natural remedy for a joint injury

The best natural remedies for joint injury

When I began my training to become an osteopath back in 1999 I can recall our very first practical class. There were 54 students attending and only 17 of us made it through the next five years.

Before the class began our tutor reminded us all that we owed it to our patients to be good health role models. I’m not sure how well I do on that front all the time – crisps are my weakness! And having had two niggly knee injuries (and a beautiful 4 year old and two year daughter to enjoy) my exercise routine has been sporadic recently.

However, last weekend I was given the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach when it comes to a health problem.

I tripped and fell over, spraining my ankle. My wife heard the bump downstairs and came rushing up and proceeded to laugh at me.

I was able to put my weight on it and walk and we had to go out that day so we did. Aside from a slight limp and being very careful on uneven surfaces I managed ok. However, that evening the swelling and pain really kicked in.

Acute inflammation is a healing response, not a problem.

This swelling and pain is the inflammatory response. This is a healing response. The swelling is your body rushing its repair teams to the problem. It also limits the movement in the joint to prevent further harm occurring.

There is generally a delay between doing the injury and getting the pain and swelling. Our body has to harness its resources and recognise the problem before it acts. We are not a machine with an on/off button. Nature requires time to act.

Thus, on the evening of the injury I was not a happy bunny. I could only slide my foot along the floor and it was extremely painful. Fortunately for my wife she was out with friends, saving her from my very sorry self.

At this point my mind turned to the best natural remedies for a joint injury.

I used arnica cream as soon as I had done the injury and reapplied several times that day. CBD appears to help repair processes so I used that and I put my foot and ankle in an Epsom salts foot bath. For medicinal purposes only I drank one large whisky in the evening and that really did ease the pain.

Fisiocrem arnica cream
A 250ml tube of arnica, calendula, tea trea and hypericum cream

Pain free repetitive movement helps injuries heal stronger.

I also put my foot up and kept moving it a few millimetres up and down in the pain free range all evening. We know that pain free movement helps damaged tissue repair with less scarring and stronger than it was before.

Avoid suppressants such as anti-inflammatory drugs.

I did not take anti-inflammatory drugs. These may well ease the pain but they suppress the repair process.

By the next morning the swelling was very noticeable, but my movement had improved enough to use the clutch on my car, albeit with great care.

I continued to apply arnica and also used comfrey oil.

By the end of the weekend I felt I would be able to work that week. And by Monday morning I could walk without a limp although I had to be cautious on uneven surfaces. Our ankle does a lot of adjustive movements for uneven surfaces so this stresses it more than walking in a straight line.

You can do healing work in your car!

Whilst driving to work I made sure I kept moving my foot up and down and have continued to do that all week. Now, one week on, the swelling has all but gone along with the pain. It will be a good 6 to 8 weeks before it will be fully healed but it is well on the way.

Despite all manner of clever advancements in medicine we have yet to find a way of speeding up the healing process. We can throw all manner of machines, drugs and natural methods at a ligament injury. Yet it remains a 6-8 week process so I would argue it is better to focus on allowing the healing to take place effectively.

There you have it, no drugs and no GP, we can take charge of our own healing for such problems. Use arnica quickly, take CBD if you can and keep the injury moving in the pain free range.

Article written by garstang-natural

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